Licensing Questions

Licensing is per engineer, you require one license per engineer developing against the mxGraph API. The full text of the current license is here. By purchasing mxGraph at the listed prices, you agree to the mxGraph license and support terms.

    Firefox 24 and later, Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 and later, Safari 5.0 and later, Opera 15.0 and later, Android browser on Android 4.0 and later, iOS native browser on iOS 6 and later and Google Chrome 20.0 and later on all operating systems officially supported by these browsers and versions.

    Support for Internet Explorer 8 and earlier is only available under custom licensing arrangements, Please contact us for more details.

No, under the vast majority of deployments there are no royalty fees. As long as your application that uses mxGraph isn't a developer library or framework (i.e. is an end user application), the standard licensing applies with no additional fees. If you wish to be sure please contact us.

Yes, the prices include 12 Months of Technical Support and Software Updates. Each 12 Months of Technical Support and Software Updates are priced at 25% of the original, non-discounted, license fee.

Yes, access to the mxGraph git repository is available to all customers under maintenance for an additional charge.

We work with the main international software resellers. Note that resellers pay us the full price, you are required to pay their fees.

You can purchase using a card via the links on the right of this page or you can issue us a purchase order. Note, as of January 2015, we no longer accept cheques (except cheques in GBP).

It depends on whether you have custom licensing terms and which browsers you require support for. Please contact us.

mxGraph Modern

  • One Developer
  • 12 Months Updates
  • 12 Months Support
  • All major browsers, IE9+
  • No royalties