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mxGraph is the only fully client-side JavaScript Graph Visualization and Layout Solution
Interactive JavaScript HTML 5 Diagramming Library
mxGraph is simple, you include it as a JavaScript link in your HTML file and you instantly have access to the cleanest, most functional native browser diagramming component available.

HTML 5 and full Internet Explorer Support. Imagine your application completely web based. Design workflows in a browser, manipulate a telecomms network combined with a background map. Create BPMN designer online, database schema editors, UML diagrams and organizational charts. Anything that you previously required users to install software for can now be provided as a web application with zero install on any major browser.
Native Browser. Click on any of the example images above. There is no server round-trip, what you see is running in your browser using pure JavaScript, no plugins. The source code to these examples and many more are available in the evaluation download.

Server Support: Although mxGraph can run stand-alone, we know you want to easily send data between the client and your web application server. That's why we supply server side implementations in Java and .NET to give you instant communications.