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Changelog for mxGraph


- Uses edgeState style for preview shape in mxConnectionHandler [JavaScript]
- Fixes translation of relative geometries in mxGraph.cloneCells [JavaScript]
- Adds event argument in mxDragSource.getDropTarget [JavaScript]
- mxGraph.toggleCellStyle(s) returns new value [JavaScript]
- Fixes possible NPE in mxEdgeHandler.reset [JavaScript]
- Selects new edges after cloning in mxEdgeHandler [JavaScript]


- Adds more cloning of edges if control is pressed in mxEdgeHandler [JavaScript]
- Removes event argument for mxDragSource.stopDrag [JavaScript]
- Adds mxDragSource.isActive, reset, removeDragElement/Listeners [JavaScript]
- Adds terminalInserted for mxEvent.CONNECT in mxConnectionHandler [JavaScript]
- Consumes all mxMouseEvents in mxDragSource for current graph while active [JavaScript]
- Consumes event in mxPanningHandler.mouseUp if active [JavaScript]
- Fires PAN_END if PAN_START was fired in mxPanningHandler [JavaScript]
- Removes possibly blocked ActiveX in mxUtils.createXmlDocument, getXml, parseXml [JavaScript]
- Fixes possible cropping of diagram in [JavaScript]
- Adds allowEval = true in mxStencil, mxStylesheetCodec, mxDefaultToolbarCodec [JavaScript]
- Converts HTML entities for non-HTML labels in mxGraph.getPreferredSizeForCell [JavaScript]
- Uses mxCellRenderer.getLabelValue in mxGraph.getPreferredSizeForCell [JavaScript]
- Creates state in mxGraph.getPreferredSizeForCell if required [JavaScript]
- Adds mxObjectCodec.allowEval = false switch [JavaScript]
- Adds HTML label sanitation in grapheditor example [JavaScript]
- Fixes inputing edges to roots array of hierarchical layout [JavaScript]
- Fixes offset in mxEdgeHandler.addPointAt for edges in containers [JavaScript]
- Fixes moving of edges in mxVertexHandler.moveChildren [JavaScript]
- Adds mxPrintPreview.printControls [JavaScript]
- Fixes moving of relative child cells in rotated parents [JavaScript]
- Fixes mxGraph.getCellContainmentArea for swimlanes with direction, flipH/V [JavaScript]
- Fixes live preview of relative child resize [JavaScript]
- Adds handles.html example [JavaScript]
- Adds mxHandle, mxVertexHandler.createCustomHandles [JavaScript]
- Adds mxEvent.CUSTOM_HANDLE [JavaScript]
- Adds mxGeometry.rotate, scale [JavaScript]
- Adds mxCellState.updateCachedBounds, getCellBounds, getPaintBounds [JavaScript]
- Fixes multiple moves of descendants in mxGraph.cellsMoved [JavaScript]
- Adds rounding for new label positions in mxEdgeHandler [JavaScript]
- Adds clone argument in mxGraph.getDropTarget [JavaScript]
- Fixes rotation of relative edge child cells in mxGraphView.updateVertexState [JavaScript]
- Adds mxRectangle.fromRectangle static function [JavaScript]
- Adds pom.xml for Maven in JGraphX [Java]
- Fixes relative edge child positions in containers [Java,JavaScript,Dotnet,Php]
- Fixes possible concatenation in mxGeometry.translate, mxGraph.translateCell [JavaScript]
- Calls checkBounds in mxImageExport.drawCellState [JavaScript]
- Adds mxRectangle.rotate90 [JavaScript]
- Adds handles.html example [JavaScript]


- Fixes gradients in SVG on pages with empty search string [JavaScript]
- Fixes rendering of negative values for startSize in mxSwimlane [JavaScript]


- Improves radial tree output [JavaScript]
- Fixes artifacts when moving cells on iOS [JavaScript]
- Fixes underline style for HTML labels in SVG, VML [JavaScript]
- Fixes gradients, clipping in SVG if base tag is used [JavaScript]
- Adds new example drop.html [JavaScript]


- Fixes resize of relative child cells in mxGraph.scaleCell [JavaScript]
- Uses graph.cloneCells for cloning templates in toolbars [JavaScript]
- Adds isCellVisibleFn argument in mxTemporaryCellStates [JavaScript]
- Adds clip argument in mxPrintPreview.addGraphFragment [JavaScript]
- Does no longer ignore all clipped labels in graph bounds [Java/JavaScript]
- Cell style passed to mxText in mxCellRenderer.createLabel [JavaScript]
- Documents values for all style constants in mxConstants [JavaScript]
- Fixes clipping for wrapped HTML labels in image export [Java]
- Fixes hidden VML shape after live preview with size of 0 [JavaScript]
- Spacing ignored for label size if not aligned in center/middle [JavaScript]
- Adds mxConstants.STYLE_LABEL_WIDTH to override label width [JavaScript]
- Fixes bounding box for HTML labels with word wrapping [JavaScript]
- Fixes XHTML export in mxSvgCanvas for IE11 standards [JavaScript]
- Fixes SVG export for HTML labels in IE9 standards mode [JavaScript]
- mxUtils.parseXml uses createXmlDocument in IE9 standards mode [JavaScript]
- Adds mxClient.IS_IE11 [JavaScript]


- Fixes possible NPE in mxEdgeHandler.mouseMove [JavaScript]


- Uses selectAll command in mxCellEditor.startEditing for iOS [JavaScript]
- mxGraph.fireMouseEvent fires mouseUp after partial double click for quirks [JavaScript]
- Ignores document events from container, if mouse not down in mxGraphView [JavaScript]
- Disables dragStart in quirks mode on anchors in mxConstraintHandler [JavaScript]
- Fixes virtual dblClick in mxGraph.fireMouseEvent if disabled [JavaScript]
- Fixes mxUtils.get/setTextContent for HTML nodes in quirks mode [JavaScript]
- Adds mxRadialTreeLayout [JavaScript]
- Resize bend in mxEdgeHandler if intersects with label handle [JavaScript]
- Uses shape.visible to hide label shape in mxEdgeHandler [JavaScript]
- Adds mxShape.visible [JavaScript]
- Fixes mxUtils.getDocumentScrollOrigin for quirks mode [JavaScript]
- Fixes rounding errors in mxVertexHandler [JavaScript]
- mxEdgeHandler calls refresh if waypoints have changed [JavaScript]
- Fixes alignment in mxConnectionHandler.createTargetVertex [JavaScript]
- Adds mxCellMarker.setCurrentState, mxConnectionHandler.getCellAt [JavaScript]
- Adds handling for fixed points in mxEdgeStyle.Loop [JavaScript]
- Adds mxEdgeHandler.createaLabelHandleShape, getCellAt, isSnapToTerminalsEvent [JavaScript]
- Fixes snap to waypoints in edge handler, alt to disable [JavaScript]
- Adds mxConnectionHandler.outlineConnect, isOutlineConnectEvent [JavaScript]
- Adds mxEdgeHandler.outlineConnect, isOutlineConnectEvent [JavaScript]
- Adds mxEdgeHandler.manageLabelShape, checkLabelHandle [JavaScript]
- Adds mxGraph.getOutlineConstraint, mxGraphView.decoratorPane [JavaScript]
- Adds mxSvgCanvas2D.pointerEventsValue [JavaScript]
- Adds mxShape.svgPointerEvents, arrowStrokewidth [JavaScript]
- Uses left or Ctrl-click on Macs in mxEvent.isPopupTrigger [JavaScript]
- Changes default for mxShape.svgStrokeTolerance to 8 [JavaScript]
- Adds to center graph in container [JavaScript]
- mxCellHighlight clones original shape for highlight [JavaScript]
- Adds mxShape.outline to indicate no fill, outline use [JavaScript]
- mxEdgeHandler.createSelectionShape clones edge shape [JavaScript]
- Adds support for curved style in mxPolyline [JavaScript]
- Moves mxConnector.paintCurvedLine to mxPolyline [JavaScript]
- Fixes tolerance check in mxPopupMenuHandler [JavaScript]
- Adds state parameter in mxGraph.isRecursiveResize [JavaScript]
- Fixes bounds to match preview in mxVertexHandler [JavaScript]
- Fixes offset of overlapping, wrapped labels in mxSvgCanvas2D, mxText [JavaScript]
- mxGraph.getCellAt, getCells use current root as parent [JavaScript]
- Adds mxSwimlane.getTitleSize hook [JavaScript]
- Adds new example htmllabel.html [JavaScript]


- Fixes reconnect event handling for image handles in VML [JavaScript]
- Fixes blocking of select click for mxGraph container in IE [JavaScript]
- mxEdgeHandler.isHandleVisible returns false for entity relation waypoints [JavaScript]
- Adds terminal property for mxEvent.CONNECT in mxConnectionHandler [JavaScript]
- Target null if not inserted in mxConnectionHandler.selectCells [JavaScript]
- Visibility and style changes trigger layout in mxLayoutManager [JavaScript]
- Adds mxCellEditor.isStopEditingEvent, installListeners [JavaScript]
- Disables if destroy was called [JavaScript]
- Adds mxGraphView.isCellCollapsed indirection [JavaScript] 


- Uses mxUtils.importNode in mxCodec.encode, mxCellCodec.afterEncode [JavaScript]
- Adds mxUtils.importNode cross-browser implementation [JavaScript]
- Corrects rotated bounding box around port constraints in orthogonal router [JavaScript]
- Uses ActiveX in mxUtils.createaXmlDocument, getXml for IE9 standards [JavaScript]
- Adds mxSvgCanvas2D.getCurrentStrokeWidth hook [JavaScript] 
- Adds experimental support for links in mxAbstractCanvas2D, mxSvgCanvas2D [JavaScript]
- Adds support for links in mxImageExport.getLinkForCellState [JavaScript]
- Adds morph.html example [JavaScript]
- Adds semicolon to line-height CSS in HTML labels [Java]
- Adds mxPerimeter.HexagonPerimeter, mxConstants.PERIMETER_HEXAGON [JavaScript]


- Adds mxGraphView.getEmptyBounds [JavaScript]
- Empty graph returns graph bounds at translate [JavaScript]
- Fixes bug in mxMorphing.updateAnimation [JavaScript]
- Adds mxVertexHandler.rotationCursor, uses crosshair cursor [JavaScript]
- mxUtils.getBoundingBox adds optional rotation center parameter [JavaScript]
- Fixes PAN_START event in mxPanningHandler for forced panning [JavaScript]
- Adds mxVertexHandler.rotationHandleVSpacing, horizontal-/verticalOffset [JavaScript]
- mxGraph.isEventSourceIgnored ignores anchors and some inputs [JavaScript]
- Ignores events with alt and meta in mxEvent.isPopupTrigger [JavaScript]
- Adds mxGraph.consumeMouseEvent hook [JavaScript]
- Checks placeholder value for clearOnChange in mxCellEditor [JavaScript]


- Adds mxGraphHandler, mxEdgeHandler.roundLength for rounding coordinates [JavaScript]
- Adds mxVertexHandler.roundAngle, roundLength for rounding rotate and size [JavaScript]
- Adds updateHint, removeHint in mxGraphHandler, mxVertexHandler, mxEdgeHandler [JavaScript]
- Disables tooltips in mxTooltipHandler while mouse button is pressed [JavaSCript]
- Adds escape event handling in mxConnectionHandler, mxGraphHandler, mxVertexHandler, mxEdgeHandler [JavaScript]
- mxGraph.escape now only fires mxEvent.ESCAPE event [JavaScript]
- Adds mxEdgeHandler.refresh, destroyBends [JavaScript]
- Adds mouse event parameter in mxConnectionHandler.isValidSource [JavaScript]
- Adds mxPanningHandler.isActive, pinchEnabled [JavaScript]
- Moves native gesture event handling from shapes to container [JavaScript]
- Disables autoscroll for multi touch events in mxGraph.fireMouseEvent [JavaScript]
- Ignores multi touch events in mxGraph.startEditingAtCell, mxGraphHandler, mxRubberband, mxPopupMenuHandler [JavaScript]
- Disables handling of multi touch events in mxGraphHandler [JavaScript]
- Adds mxEvent.isMultiTouchEvent [JavaScript]


- Adds mxClient.IS_WIN [JavaScript]
- Adds mxCellEditor.isSelectText function [JavaScript]
- Allows changes of translate, scroll in mxGraph.zoom [JavaScript]
- Fixes mxEvent.isTouchEvent, isMouseEvent for Firefox [JavaScript]
- Sets position:absolute for mxWindow.div in common.css [JavaScript]
- Uses shadow filter for mxWindow only in quirks mode [JavaScript]
- Adds mxOutline.createGraph, getSourceGraphBounds hooks [JavaScript]
- Adds mxShape.shapePointerEvents switch [JavaScript]
- Fixes transformed event handling with mxShape.stencilPointerEvents [JavaScript]
- Removes mxShape.paintStencilShape [JavaScript]
- Changes mxShape.addTransparentBackgroundRectangle to createTransparentSvgRectangle [JavaScript]
- Adds mxGraph.keepEdgesInBackground switch [JavaScript]
- Fixes possible infinite loop via mxGraph.getDropTarget [JavaScript]
- Calls configureShape in mxCellRenderer.initializeShape [JavaScript]
- Fixes origin of currentRoot in mxGraphView [Java,JavaScript]


- Adds mxVertexHandler.isRecursiveResize hook [JavaScript]
- Fixes NS_ERROR_FAILURE in mxCellEditor.startEditing for Firefox [JavaScript]
- Adds rectangle fallback for rendering SVG shapes in graph.container [JavaScript]
- Uses display CSS style for, hide and isVisible [JavaScript]


- Fixes NPE in hierarchical layout when resizeParent=true [JavaScript]
- Hides edges with no visible terminals in mxGraphView.updateEdgeState [JavaScript]
- Fixes rounding of bounding box in mxShape and mxText [JavaScript]
- Fixes native HTML label check in mxCellRenderer.insertStateAfter [JavaScript]
- Adds layers dialog in grapheditor example [JavaScript]
- Fixes mxEvent.addMouseWheelListener for IE11 [JavaScript]
- Handles spaces for rgb(a) values in mxHtmlColor [Java]
- Fixes HTML edge label wrapping for geometry.width > 0 [Java]
- Fixes possible NPE in mxOutline.update [JavaScript]


- Adds support for RGB(A) color values in mxHtmlColor [Java]
- Fixes possible NPE in mxGraphView.updateEdgeState [Java,JavaScript,Dotnet,Php]
- Uses selectall document command in mxCellEditor.startEditing [JavaScript]
- Fixes mxPanningHandler.isForcePanningEvent with ignoreCell [JavaScript]
- Fixes mxUtils.getDocumentScrollOrigin in standards mode [JavaScript]
- Adds viewer.html in grapheditor example [JavaScript]
- Fixes possible NPE in mxGraph.isEventSourceIgnored [JavaScript]


- Removes Test label in mxConnectPreview [Java]
- Fixes possible NPE in mxGraph.isEventSourceIgnored [JavaScript]
- Fixes handling of data URIs in mxGraph.postProcessCellStyle [JavaScript]
- Fixes possible type error in mxSvgCanvas2D.createDashPattern, mxVmlCanvas2D.getVmlDashStyle [JavaScript]
- Adds HTML5 doctype in mxPrintPreview for CSS1Compat documents [JavaScript]
- Adds mxXmlRequest.withCredentials option [JavaScript]
- Fixes constrainChild in mxGraph.cellsAdded after extending parent [JavaScript]


- Fixes mxVmlCanvas2D.ellipse, mxVmlCanvas2D.image [JavaScript]


- Adds mxVmlCanvas2D.create(Vml)Element hooks [JavaScript]
- Adds child bounds for connected edges in mxGraph.getCellBounds [Java,Dotnet,Php]
- Replaces mxGraphView.getBoundingBox for arrays with getBounds and boolean argument [Php]
- Adds mxGraphView.validateCell(State), updateCell-/Vertex-/EdgeState, getBoundingBox [Java,JavaScript,Dotnet,Php]
- Removes mxGraphView.validateBounds/-Points and childMoved [Java,JavaScript,Dotnet,Php]
- Adds mxCellState.invalid [Dotnet]
- Ignores empty fore-/background divs in mxGraph.panGraph [JavaScript]
- Adds mxEvent.isMiddleMouseButton [JavaScript]
- Disables DnD copy if cloneEnabled is false in mxGraphHandler [Java]
- Fixes selection in mxGraphHandler for no cloneable cells [Java]
- Invalidates connected edges in mxGraph.removeStateForCell [Java,JavaScript]
- Adds mxAnimation.isRunning [Java,JavaScript]
- Ignores possible NS_ERROR_FAILURE in mxSvgCanvas2D.addTextBackground for FF [JavaScript]
- Removes, save, saveAs and copy [JavaScript]


- Adds mxPrintPreview.printBackgroundImage switch [JavaScript]
- Fixes mxVertexHandler to use getSelectionBounds in redrawHandles [JavaScript]
- Adds mxDoubleRectangleShape and mxConstants.SHAPE_DOUBLE_RECTANGLE [Java]
- Adds new map.html example for implementing Google Maps overlays [JavaScript]
- Adds relative HTML line heights, mxConstants.ABSOLUTE_LINE_HEIGHT [Java,JavaScript]
- Converts mxUrlConverter to standard class notation [JavaScript]
- Checks for window.DOMParser in mxUtils.parseXml [JavaScript]
- Adds mxXmlRequest.decodeSimulateValues switch [JavaScript]


- Fixes repaint of mxCellHighlight if highlighted cell is deleted [JavaScript]
- Fixes in-place editor position for (vertical)LabelPosition style [JavaScript]
- Fixes repaint after drop in collapsed cell in mxGraph.processChange [JavaScript]
- Fixes swimlane label bounds for STYLE_DIRECTION [JavaScript]
- Adds mxSwimlane.getLabelBounds, used in mxCellRenderer.getLabelBounds [JavaScript]
- Passes vertical bounds into mxShape.getLabelBounds for vertical labels [JavaScript]


- Adds vertex label offsets in mxCellEditor.resize [JavaScript]
- Adds mxStack.borderCollapse switch [JavaScript]
- mxCodec.decode no longer uses eval to convert name to ctor [JavaScript]
- Fixes mxEdgeHandler.moveLabel for non-relative geometries [JavaScript]
- Fixes hit detection order for handles in mxEdgeHandler [JavaScript]


- Removes mxCellPath.create usage for in hierarchical layout [JavaScript]
- Fixes mxUtils.getTextContent for Firefox, adds mxUtils.setTextContent [JavaScript]
- Adds mxUtils.getDocumentScrollOrigin, fixes deprecation warnings [JavaScript]
- Adds update of graph bounds in mxGraphView if rendering is false [JavaScript]
- Ignores edges with no points in mxGraph.getBoundingBoxFromGeometry [JavaScript]
- Creates mxShape in mxGraphView.createState if rendering is false [JavaScript]


- Improves edge crossing calculation performance in hierarchical layout [JavaScript]
- Rounds scale to 2 decimals in mxGraph.zoom, mxOutline.update [JavaScript]
- Fixes lost folding icon size in mxCellRenderer.getControlBounds [JavaScript]
- Corrects issue with the hierarchical layout where there are multiple parallel, bi-directional edges between two
    vertices and the initial traversal from roots doesn't follow the direction the majority of edges travel in. [JavaScript]
- Fixes possible bounding box error for empty strings in mxText [JavaScript]


- Changes disabled CSS class to mxDisabled in common.css, explorer.css [JavaScript]
- Adds anchor tag for sprite, uses pointer cursor in mxPopupMenu [JavaScript] 
- Passes blur event to mxCellEditor.focusLost [JavaScript]
- Adds mxUtils.isAncestorNode [JavaScript]
- Adds mxVertexHandler.isLivePreviewBorder for transparent shapes [JavaScript]
- Adds export examples for exporting SVG and bitmaps using backends [Java,Dotnet]
- Adds mxObjectCodec.isBooleanAttribute, isNumericAttribute [JavaScript]
- Replaces mxObjectCodec.convertValueTo/FromXml with convertAttributeTo/FromXml [JavaScript]
- Fixes image namespaces for SVG export in IE standards mode [JavaScript]
- Adds mxGraph.getCursorForMouseEvent [JavaScript]


- Adds option to rotate port constraints with vertices [JavaScript]
- Fixes label position for live preview in mxVertexHandler [JavaScript]
- Checks for mouseDown in mxGraph.isEventSourceIgnored [JavaScript]
- Updates dialect of text shape in mxCellRenderer.redrawLabel [JavaScript]
- Creates shape with mxCellState in mxGraphView.createState [JavaScript]
- Fixes possible undefined function in mxUtils.clearSelection [JavaScript]
- Adds mxConstants.STYLE_ASPECT for mxVertexHandler.isConstrainedEvent [JavaScript]
- Fixes focus on invisible container in mxDragSource.drop [JavaScript]


- Moves updateDocumentTitle, addBeforeUnloadListener to EditorUi in grapheditor [JavaScript]
- Maintains aspect ratio when holding down shift key in mxVertexHandler [JavaScript]
- Invalidates edges for removed terminals in mxGraph.processChange [JavaScript]
- Fixes mxGraph.getPreferredSizeForCell for HTML with linebreaks [JavaScript]
- Fixes deprecated returnValue in mxGraph, mxMouseEvent, mxEvent [JavaScript]
- Uses pt in HTML instead of mxConstants.PX_PER_PIXEL [Java]
- mxHtmlTextShape, mxGraphView no longer ignore overflow [Java]
- Fixes handling of STYLE_INDICATOR_STROKECOLOR style [JavaScript]
- Adds mxGraph.set-/isPortsEnabled switch [Java]
- Adds mxGraphTransferable.enableImageSupport switch [Java]


- Fixes try-catch flow in mxCodec.decode [JavaScript]
- Fixes mxUtils.isNumeric for certain cases [JavaScript]
- Adds mxStackLayout.marginTop/-Left/-Bottom/-Right, setChild-/updateParentGeometry [JavaScript]


- Minor fixes in grapheditor.html example [JavaScript]
- Fixes reset of validation state in mxTemporaryCellStates [JavaScript]
- Adds resetValidationState in mxGraphView [JavaScript]
- Resets visible style in mxShape.clear after invalid bounds [JavaScript]


- Fixes possible component merge error in hierarchical layout [JavaScript]


- Fixes repaint in mxShape when switch from HTML to VML dialect [JavaScript]
- Adds optional width, height arguments in [JavaScript]
- Fixes handling of NaN in mxUtils.equalEntries, adds mxUtils.isNaN [JavaScript]
- Removes mxCellRenderer.order(Edge), insertState [JavaScript]
- Removes mxCellRenderer.get/findPreviousStateInContainer [JavaScript]
- Replaces mxCellRenderer.initialize with lazy initialization [JavaScript]
- Adds mxCellRenderer.insertStateAfter, getShapesForState, redrawShape [JavaScript]
- Adds mxGraphView.stateValidated to implement DOM node order [JavaScript]
- Removes orderChanged argument in mxGraphView.invalidate [JavaScript]
- Removes mxCellState.invalidOrder, orderChanged flags [JavaScript]
- Replaces check in mxGraphHandler with mxGraph.isEventSourceIgnored [JavaScript]
- Changes default of mxGraph.keepEdgesInForeground to false [JavaScript]
- Removes mxGraph.ordered, keepEdgesInBackground switches [JavaScript]
- Removes dbeditor.html, extjs.html examples [Java,JavaScript,Dotnet,Php]


- Fixes mxGraph.prototype.autoSizeCell [JavaScript]
- Removes old ExtJs-based grapheditor example [JavaScript]


- Fixes rubberband trigger in IE9 for double click outside tolerance [JavaScript]
- Hides tooltips if mouse leaves container in mxGraph.init [JavaScript]
- Restores double ellips shape, adds documentation for override [JavaScript] 
- Adds mxConstants.STYLE_MARGIN for double ellipse shape [JavaScript]
- Fixes mxEvent.isTouch/MouseEvent for IE11 [JavaScript]
- Fixes textarea height in mxLog for IE11 [JavaScript]
- Uses same backend for grapheditor.html and diagrameditor.html example [Java]
- Adds SVG export, fixes blocked popup in diagrameditor.html example [JavaScript]
- Removes old image export from diagrameditor.html example [JavaScript]
- Adds mxGraph.prototype.autoSizeCellsOnAdd switch [JavaScript]


- Fixes duplicate labels in IE9 print preview, print preview in IE11 [JavaScript]
- Fixes double ellipse shape to fill only inner circle, adds inset style [JavaScript]
- Fixes scrollbar positions after optimizeVmlReflows in mxGraphView [JavaScript]
- Fixes dx event property in mxGraph.cellsMoved [JavaScript]
- Adds mxVertexHandler.constrainGroupByChildren switch [JavaScript]
- Fixes mxGraph.keepEdgesInBackground/Foreground switch [JavaScript]
- Adds example for XML input/output to/from Backend [Php]
- Ignores possible NS_ERROR_FAILURE in mxText.updateBoundingBox for FF [JavaScript]
- Fixes mxGraphHandler.selectDelayed for popup event on selected cell [JavaScript]
- Adds boundary.html example [JavaScript]
- Adds new mxGraphHandler.getDelta hook [JavaScript]


- Adds mxGeometry.equals, geometry check in mxGraph.processChange [JavaScript]
- Fixes possible NPE in mxPoint.equals, mxRectangle.equals [JavaScript]
- Adds example for XML input/output to/from Backend [JavaScript,Java,Dotnet]
- Fixes handling of NaN in mxUtils.equalEntries [JavaScript]
- Fixes check for redrawing edges in mxCellRenderer.redraw [JavaScript]
- Adds Maven targets in JGraphX build.xml [Java]


- Fixes page selector for Firefox, minor bugs for quirks mode in mxPrintPreview [JavaScript]
- Fixes ignored tolerance for double click within double click delay in IE9 [JavaScript]
- Fixes usage of mxText in secondlabel.html example for quirks mode [JavaScript]
- Fixes use of white-space CSS in layout-, process- and workfloweditor.html examples [JavaScript]
- Moves calls to mxText.updateMargin from mxCellRenderer to mxText [JavaScript]


- Adds mxGraph.cellResized, resize/constrainChildCells, scaleCell functions [JavaScript] 
- Adds optional recurse argument in mxGraph.resizeCells, cellsResized [JavaScript]
- Adds mxGraph.recursiveResize, constrainChildrenOnResize, extendParentsOnMove with accessors [JavaScript]
- Fixes ignored right click after left click within double click interval [JavaScript]
- Ignores overlapping points in mxGdiCanvas [Dotnet]
- Fixes label clipping for mxGraph.labelsClipped switch [Java]
- Adds showregion.html example [JavaScript]
- Fixes page break dash pattern is no longer scaled [JavaScript]


- Fixes NPE in Shapes.js for grapheditor example on touch devices [JavaScript]
- Fixes undefined value in FF for null defaultValue in mxUtils.prompt [JavaScript]
- Fixes double tap handling in IE for touch devices [JavaScript]


- Fixes non-native double click handling in quirks mode [JavaScript]
- Adds anchors.html example [JavaScript]
- Hides rotation handle for small vertices in mxVertexHandler [JavaScript]
- Adds parent orientation in mxSwimlaneManager.resizeSwimlane [JavaScript,Java]
- Ignores overlapping points in mxConnectorShape.getMarkerVector, mxGraphics2DCanvas.paintPolyline [Java]
- Adds cloning of label in mxCellState.clone [Java]
- Fixes minor bug in mxConnectionHandler.createMarker [JavaScript]


- Adds mxCellEditor.isEventSource hook [JavaScript]
- Adds mxGraph.nativeDblClickEnabled switch for event handling [JavaScript]
- Unifies double click handling for various browsers and versions [JavaScript]
- Changes default value for mxGraph.doubleTapTimeout to 500 ms [JavaScript]
- Fixes double click if style changes after first click [JavaScript]
- Fixes bounding box for stencils with directions, uses constants [JavaScript]
- Adds null check for state.text in mxCellRenderer.getLabelBounds [JavaScript]
- Adds mxText.apply to update text styles [JavaScript]


- Fixes handling of generic list types in mxObjectCodec.SetFieldValue [Dotnet]
- Fixes rendering issues in mxWindow, mx(Rectangle)Shape for IE7/8 standards [JavaScript]
- Adds mxOutline.forceVmlHandles to fix rendering issues for IE8 standards [JavaScript]
- Fixes rendering issues in mxEditor.showOutline for IE8 standards [JavaScript]
- Handles //-prefix as absolute URLs in mxUrlConverter [JavaScript]


- Fixes memory leak in mxEvent.objects array [JavaScript]
- Fixes maximizing mxWindow in standards compliant mode [JavaScript]


- Fixes hierarchical layout dual-direction parallel edges regression [JavaScript]


- Fixes scaling for HTML labels in non-IE browsers [JavaScript]
- Fixes rendering bugs in IE8 standards mode with filters [JavaScript]
- Fixes maximizing mxWindow in standards mode [JavaScript]


- Adds mxRubberband.start, isForcePanningEvent hook [JavaScript]
- Fixes mxRubberband.isForceRubberbandEvent, changes argument to mxMouseEvent [JavaScript]


- Fixes edge calculations in mxGraph.getBoundingBoxFromGeometry [JavaScript]
- Fixes event handling on background image in IE8 standards mode [JavaScript]
- Adds mxGraphView.validateBackgroundImage/Page hooks [JavaScript]
- Redraws edge handlers during live preview in mxVertexHandler [JavaScript]


- Removes internal handler in mxKeyHandler.destroy [JavaScript]
- Fixes possible NPE in mxGraph.getConnectionPoint [JavaScript]
- Fixes mxShape.getSvgScreenOffset for stencils [JavaScript]
- Fixes text wrapping alignment for long words [JavaScript]
- Adds mxClipboard.getCells, setCells hooks [JavaScript]
- Fixes default arcsize for roundrects in stencils [JavaScript]
- Fixes possible NPE in mxAbstractCanvas2D.arcTo [JavaScript]


- Fixes possible index out of bounds in mxPolyline [JavaScript]
- Adds option in tree layout to align ranks [JavaScript]


- Ignores overlapping points in mxConnector, mxPolyline [JavaScript]
- Removes mxClient.CSS_PREFIX, adds mxUtils.setPrefixedStyle [JavaScript]
- Uses mxText base spacing, getLabelBounds hook in mxCellEditor [JavaScript]
- Fixes scaling of dash array in mxSvgCanvas2D [JavaScript]
- Adds hoverstyle.html example [JavaScript]


- Fixes mxDragSource inner mouseDown call for overriding [JavaScript]
- Improves event handling for auto size in mxCellEditor [JavaScript]
- Returns event in mxGraph.updateMouseEvent [JavaScript]
- Improves touch support, hit detection and event handling [JavaScript]
- Adds tolerance before moving handles in mxVertexHandler.checkTolerance [JavaScript]
- Fixes handling of pointer-events in mxSvgCanvas2D.image [JavaScript]
- Moves mxGraph.isForceMarqueeEvent to mxRubberband.isForceRubberbandEvent [JavaScript]
- Moves mxGraph.handleGesture to fireGestureEvent [JavaScript]
- Adds mxGraph.tapAndHold, isEventIgnored, getStateForEvent [JavaScript]
- Moves mxPanningHandler after mxGraphHandler in mxGraph.createHandlers [JavaScript]
- Adds mxEvent.GESTURE, mxEvent.TAP_AND_HOLD in mxGraph [JavaScript]
- Moves tapAndHold detection from mxConnectionHandler to mxGraph [JavaScript]
- Adds handling of touch gestures via event source in mxGraph, mxDragSource [JavaScript]
- Fixes rendering of image background and border in mxImageShape for HTML [JavaScript]
- Uses graph.tolerance for hit detection of zoom handle in mxOutline [JavaScript]
- Adds lod.html, folding.html and collapse.html examples [JavaScript]
- Adds mxCellEditor.selectText, fixes selection for iOS [JavaScript]
- Adds mxClient.IS_IOS, mxClient.IS_FF [JavaScript]
- Fixes hit detection for iOS, removes live preview in mxEdgeHandler [JavaScript]
- No longer consumes events for cursor changes in mxGraphHandler.mouseMove [JavaScript]
- Creates mxPopupMenuHandler in mxGraph.createHandlers [JavaScript]
- Adds mxVertexHandler.manageSizers, live preview for iOS [JavaScript]
- Adds mxTooltipHandler.ignoreTouchEvents switch [JavaScript]
- Adds mxPopupMenuHandler, removes from mxPanningHandler [JavaScript]
- Enables mxConnectionHandler.tapAndHold for mouse events [JavaScript]
- Adds mxShape.createSvgCanvas, createVmlCanvas hooks [JavaScript]
- Fixes handling of disabled pointerEvents in mxSvgCanvas2D [JavaScript]
- Fixes rendering of underlined text in mxText, mxSvgCanvas2D [JavaScript]
- Adds mxEvent.isTouchEvent, isMouseEvent [JavaScript]
- Adds mxOutline.prototype.labelsVisible switch [JavaScript]
- Adds new autolayout.html, touch.html examples [JavaScript]


- Adds mxPanningHandler.prototype.scaleGraph for pinch gesture events [JavaScript]
- Uses capability check for mxClient.IS_TOUCH, adds mxClient.IS_POINTER [JavaScript]
- Adds new visibility.html example [JavaScript]
- Adds support for Microsoft pointer events in IE10 and later [JavaScript]
- Updates Visual Studio files for VS Express for Web 2012 [Dotnet]
- Adds experimental mxVertexHandler, mxEdgeHandler.livePreview switch [JavaScript]
- Adds Sidebar.itemClicked, EditorUi.createSidebarFooterContainer hooks in grapheditor
- Adds layers menu, new shapes in grapheditor [JavaScript]
- Adds overflow=width and changes vertical align for overflow=fill [JavaScript]
- Removes mxCellRenderer.shapes, makes registerShape static, adds getShape [JavaScript]
- Adds mxText.baseSpacingTop/-Bottom/-Left/-Right for legacy support [JavaScript]
- Fixes order of edits in mxGraph.groupCells [JavaScript]
- Changes arguments of mxPrintPreview.renderPage, takes callback [JavaScript]
- Adds mxPrintPreview.getAppendices, getCoverPages hooks [JavaScript]
- Adds mxCellEditor.autoSize, fixes lineHeight and fontStyle [JavaScript]
- Adds mxPanningHandler.triggerX, triggerY for initial event coordinates [JavaScript]
- Adds mxGraph-/mxVertexHandler.prototype.rotationEnabled, rotationRaster [JavaScript]
- Changes default for mxResources.resourcesEncoded to false [JavaScript]
- Adds mxResourceExtension global variable, sets default to .txt [JavaScript]
- Adds align-shape, rotation attributes in text element for stencils [JavaScript]
- Adds dashed option to mxCellHighlight [JavaScript]