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mxGraph - Interactive JavaScript Diagramming Component
mxGraph - JavaScript Diagramming
JavaScript Diagramming Component Open web technologies producing amazing browser diagrams. - Free Online Diagrams
Free Online Diagrams Any browser, no login, fully functional, free demonstration of mxGraph library.
JGraphX - Open Source Java Component
Java Graph Visualization JGraphX - Leading open source (BSD) java graph visualization and layout component
HTML5 diagramming component with full IE 6-8 and touch device support
JavaScript Graph Visualization and Layouts - JGraph has been providing leading diagramming software components since 2001, first with ever popular JGraph Swing library, then in 2005 with the leading edge development of mxGraph.

Trivial, no-plugin deployment. Load the mxGraph JavaScript in any HTML page, deploy from any web server and view in any web browser. mxGraph focuses on open standards that you already understand, SVG, JavaScript, HTML, CSS and XML.
Native, fully client-side - mxGraph provides fully interactive diagramming in any web browser. It is the market leading solution since 2005 and the only library to work with every browser (even IE 6) without plugins, mxGraph is one of the web's most advanced JavaScript components. No other solution matches mxGraph's client side speed. - Our technology demonstration site. Draw creative diagrams in your browser, share editing with other users in real time. Load and save them anywhere you wish, export images of your finished result, using the range of stencils provided.

03.10.2014 : mxGraph 3.1 released. Range of bug fixes, extra functions as well as additional utilities for securing XSS attacks.

17.03.2014 : mxGraph IE 6 support. Reminder that all mxGraph users requiring IE 6 support after April 2014 must be under active maintenance.

28.06.2013 : mxGraph 2.1 released. 2.1 includes a wide range of improvements relating to support for touch devices.